Sunday Online

Join us for our Sunday Online Gathering

This Sunday

Families Online – 10.30am

Join us for Families Online – a new gathering at 10.30am for all ages full of stories, fun, challenges, worship.


Main Gathering – 11am

Then from 11am we have our main Gathering where we’ll be sharing stories, worshipping and praying together and listening to a message of hope for our city.

This Sunday we will be taking Communion together, so please have bread and wine/juice at hand.

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Online Church Tips & Tricks

Thank you so much for your grace and patience in the last 6 weeks as we have tried different ways of providing online church each Sunday. Here are a few tips we’ve learned as we’ve been testing it out the platform:

Full Screen (hiding the chat bar)
If you want to hide the chat bar on the right hand side of the screen, resize your browser window until you can see the “full screen” icon at the bottom right hand side. Then click on the full screen button, it will then resize the gathering to fill your screen

Casting to TV
Unfortunately, this platform doesn’t allow casting from mobile devices. If possible, we recommend using the chrome browser on a desktop/laptop computer, and there is a cast feature which is built into that. If you do not have a desktop/laptop computer and you would still prefer to cast to a TV, we are now going to be syncing up youtube and online church so they play at the same time. Click on the youtube icon and cast directly from youtube.

Live Prayer
We have re-introduced prayer ministry in our gatherings, which we would really encourage you to make use of. The team will be available at the end of the gathering. When you click on the “live prayer button”, only the prayer team will be notified, and a new private chat window is opened. The team will chat to you briefly through the private chat bar and give you a link to a zoom call.