The Big Story

The Bible is full of stories of people who sometimes got it right as they followed God and who sometimes got it really wrong! But the Bible was never meant to be read as individual stories of people’s attempts to get right with God and whether they succeeded or failed – the overarching story of the Bible is much bigger than that. The Bible is one big story that tells again and again of God’s deep and abiding commitment to humanity – He is faithful, He is constant and He is incredibly patient, inviting humanity to join him over and over again. Over this series, beginning in Genesis and finishing in Revelation, we will follow the arc of Scripture, discovering the faithfulness of God through many different stories and over many generations and we will find along the way that we have been woven carefully into that narrative. We have been welcomed into a rich and rewarding relationship with God and are invited to participate in His work to bless and make disciples of every nation.
Let’s allow the flame of God’s love for us rekindle our commitment to him and reignite a passion to live faithful to the calling He has placed on each of our lives.

1. Creation & Fall

 Genesis 1:26-31, 3:1-10

Zak Robb - 11 Apr 2021

When we read the account of creation we see that it was always God’s intention to establish an intimate relationship with humanity; humankind was the crowning glory of all that he had created, it wasn’t just good, it was very good. We also see here that right from the beginning not only did God provide for humanity, he also gave responsibility and authority over his creation! It was meant to be a perfect symbiosis of relationship and responsibility. However, we know what happens next; the ‘fall’ created a gaping chasm between God and humanity; our relationship with God was broken and subsequently all of creation was impacted. We begin our story here, with a realisation of all that was lost but more importantly we know that God’s saving plan for humanity also began here. Over these next few months we will discover the deep and lasting faithfulness of God displayed through many different stories and we will see the lengths he went to just to bring us back to him; to restore that relationship, to reinstate that responsibility through his son, Jesus Christ.

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2. Abraham: Covenant

 Genesis 12:1-9

Zak Robb - 18 Apr 2021

The promise that God gives to Abraham begins the restoration of the relationship that had been lost in the garden, the process of divine rescue has begun. It’s a personal promise for Abraham and Sarah – they received a commitment from God, he is committing himself to them, speaking a promise over their lives. There is also a calling on their lives too – they have to go, they have to choose trust in God and leave their country for one they do not yet know. We are invited into that narrative too; the promise was for them but the ripple effect of that promise is much larger, it filters down through the generations, God’s faithfulness is the marker and it ultimately finds its fulfilment in Jesus (Matt 28). The ask of us is, do we trust God in his promises to us? Do we trust him more than circumstances and situations? Do we trust that he is faithful generation to generation?

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3. Moses: Courage

 Exodus 1:15-20, 2:1-10

Naomi Black - 25 Apr 2021

Moses is a central figure in the continuation of God’s restoration plan, but his beginnings were aided by the bravery and courage of five different women. These five women (the two midwives, his mother and sister and even Pharaoh’s own daughter) showed faithfulness and courage in the face of opposition. The Hebrew women showed total commitment to God, they feared God more than the oppressive and violent rule they were under and Pharaoh’s daughter chose compassion, going against the very law that her father had instigated. Moses’ beginnings were birthed out of courage and faithfulness and in turn he (and these women) experienced the faithfulness of God in their lives. For us, we don’t operate on the basis of exchange – if I am faithful then God is faithful. No, the faithfulness of God will always outstrip any faithfulness of ours! However, the conviction and commitment that these women demonstrated in the face of opposition is a key lesson for us, leaning into our God-given calling and exercising our God-given responsibility will require great courage.

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4. Moses: Calling

 Exodus 3:1-14

Naomi Black - 2 May 2021

The account of Moses and the burning bush is a significant moment both in Moses’ journey with God and in God’s rescue plan for humanity. Not only is it in this moment that Moses receives his calling from God but it is here that God reveals himself. This account tells us some important things about who God is and who we are in relation to him. Firstly, God hears – he heard his people’s cry. Secondly, God acts – he came to their rescue. Thirdly, God uses us in the process – Moses was his chosen instrument to enact his liberation, despite his own doubts and uncertainties, he was called by God. This is something we see reflected all over Scripture and especially through the life of Jesus – God hears and God acts and we have a part to play.

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