Home for Christmas

Home for Christmas. A phrase of delight or of dread. Home can mean so many different things: safety, love, warmth, good memories, bad memories, lack, hurt, a sigh of despair. Some of us have left home, some of us miss home, some of us have found home, too many have no home. At Christmas we remember Jesus, who left his home with the Father to make his home amongst us. It wasn’t a flashy home but a very real one with mother and father and cousins and brothers, neighbours and strangers and everyone in between. All this, so that we could finally come home. So, this Christmas we want to welcome you home; home to the love of the Father who sent his Son, home to the love of the Son who gave it all for us and home to the Spirit who makes his home in us so that we stretch out the hope of homecoming to all those that we meet.

1. The Promise of Home

 Luke 1:39-45

Naomi Black - 8 Dec 2019

“Blessed is she who has believed that the Lord would fulfil his promises to her.” We live our lives in the tension of a promise. There are things fulfilled, there are things longed for. There is a promise held out to us at Christmas, it is a promise that was spoken of by many prophets over generations – the one we’ve been waiting on, is coming.

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2. Joy at Christmas


Sarah Winfield - 15 Dec 2019

Knowing the truth and joy of Christmas, that Jesus came to rescue us and restore a relationship with us.

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3. Christingle

 Shining God's light

Hannah Lockhart - 22 Dec 2019

Shining God's light, Jesus took away the darkness. Making the Christingles together.

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4. The Purpose of Home

 Matthew 25:31-40

Naomi Black - 29 Dec 2019

In Jesus we have the promise of home fulfilled and as we live into that promise we also get to discover its purpose. As followers of Jesus, we get to extend ‘home’ to everyone we meet in beautifully simple and radical ways and when we do that, we are doing it for Jesus himself.

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