God of Restoration

God has always been a God of restoration. We learned through our last series how he patiently restored our relationship with him across generations. We know from our own lives that he restores us through grace and forgiveness. We long and pray that he would bring restoration to the most broken places in our world. As we emerge from a year of loss and constant change and enter tentatively into the bustle and activity of life again we are not the same as we were. In this series we want to explore together how we can pursue God’s restoration in every area of our lives from our rest to our work, in our bodies and in our minds, in our relationships and in our worship.

1. A Full Life

 John 10:10

Naomi Black - 4 Jul 2021

What does it mean to live a full life? For some people, life is always full – too full! Full of schedules and deadlines and people and responsibilities. For others, this year has stripped more from us than we’d ever imagined. So, what does a full life in Jesus mean, how is God restoring fullness to us and how does that fullness differ from the ‘fullness’ that the world parades?

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2. Restoring Rest

 Matthew 11:28-30

Mae Moore - 11 Jul 2021

We need a restored rhythm of rest – not just time off, not just a holiday; we need a restored vision for a rested life held in the rhythm that Jesus provides for us. As we move from inactivity to activity (or perhaps from activity to even more activity!) let’s allow God to speak into our lives first about what the rest that he invites us into could look like and why we have been given it.

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3. Restoring Work

 Colossians 3:23-24

Steve McLeister - 18 Jul 2021

What does it mean for us to work with all our hearts, as if we are working for the Lord? Work has changed for many this past year, from furlough, to redundancy, to working from home, to retirement as well as the large portions of work that encompass family life. How might God be restoring a new purpose to us in our work, whatever it is that we do? How can we be rewired in our vision for serving and sharing Jesus in our ‘places’ of work?

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