God Is Green

As Christians and as a church we are seeking to live our lives in a way that reflects who God is to the world around us. Often we are good at this in situations of caring for those in crisis, providing for those who are in need and being open and transparent about what we believe. However, the love of God does not just extend to humans and stop there; the love of God is for the whole of His creation. The human race has rendered a devastating effect on the world God created, there is much destruction that we hold responsibility for. And yet, there is also hope, people from all generations are actively engaging in environmentalism, campaigning governments and leaders for a better future and more people than ever are making conscious lifestyle choices that have a positive impact on the planet rather than a negative one.
How then do we as Christians, as followers of Jesus, as those seeking to reflect the love of God, how do we engage in the climate crisis, how do we reflect the love God has for his creation in our actions, in our words and in our worship? In this series, we hope to open up that conversation together, knowing that we still have a long way to go but seeking to genuinely and faithfully engage in this conversation and learn from one another. In looking across the whole of Scripture we hope to shed new light on how God views his creation, what our role and responsibility is in that, how the love of Christ extends to the world around us and challenging ourselves to re-evaluate our perspectives and perhaps make concrete changes in our lives.

1. God's Creation

 Psalm 24:1-2

Mae Moore - 9 Jan 2022

The opening lines of Psalm 24 paint a picture for us of something that we see across all of Scripture and which is particularly present in the Old Testament – the earth is not for human dominion but rather it is God’s creative power that holds back the forces of chaos and sustains the whole world in being and everything that exists belongs to him. It was his voice that brought the earth and everything in it into being (Gen 1) and Scripture shows us again and again that God is the Lord of all creation, not just of humanity! This is where we want to begin as we open this series, reminding ourselves of our place in God’s creation and remembering that it is first and foremost God’s creation.

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