Follow Me

As we look across the life of Jesus we see the deep indelible marks of humility across all that he said and did. Throughout his ministry, Jesus consistently disrupted the ideas held by those around him about what it meant to lead. As we follow him, that same disruption also comes to our ideas and to what we see around us. As we follow the lead of Jesus together and live as his ambassadors in this city, we get to be people who model humility and servant leadership wherever we are. Through this series we want to look at some key moments in Jesus life that model to us the idea of servant leadership and our aim is that together we would be challenged and would grow in humility and integrity as followers of Jesus.

1. Served/Serve

 Mark 10:32-45

James Cant - 5 Jan 2020

Introduction to the series. In a world where structures of leadership present us with systems and cycles of control and dominance and where power and authority are wielded with selfish regard, we need a new vision for leadership. So we look to Jesus. These cycles were present in his day too and he speaks clearly to them and presents to us that to lead in the Kingdom of God is to serve.

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2. Follow My Lead

 Romans 12:1-2

Simon Guillebaud - 12 Jan 2020

As Christ laid his life down as a living sacrifice, he calls us to do the same. Servant leadership is costly but beautiful. The question we must ask ourselves is, are we really following Him or are we expecting Him to follow us on our terms and at our convenience?

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3. A Hard Yes

 Matthew 4:18-22

Zak Robb - 19 Jan 2020

The call of Jesus is a call into a life of adventure and unrivalled joy, there is no better life than can be found apart from him. It is also a call that requires sacrifice and that sacrifice will look different for all of us. As we embrace this Jesus way of life and leadership we will all need to lay down some nets in order to follow him. His call to us is still, ‘come follow me’, our response is still to lay down our ‘nets’.

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4. In The Dark

 Mark 1:35-39

Naomi Black - 26 Jan 2020

‘A leader's public passion should never exceed their private devotion’ - Francis Chan. Jesus’ leadership stemmed from a life of devotion. As we grow in leadership (at whatever stage!) this never stops being important. How are we cultivating rhythms of devotion to Jesus in our lives? How are we embracing Spiritual Practices that draw us close to God? A life worth imitating begins and always come back to a life of devotion.

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5. Dusty Feet

 John 13:1-17

Andy Harding - 2 Feb 2020

Jesus has given us a beautiful and intimate expression of what servant-hearted leadership actually looks like. It looks like stopping and stooping; it looks like humility. In full awareness of his authority and his identity as God’s son (v.3), his response was not to wield that power for his own good or to flaunt it, his response was to wash his friends’ dirty, dusty feet. If Jesus’ call to his disciples is to follow his example, then the call is the same to us as well. How are we living into that call in our own contexts, in this church, in our communities? What is the ‘feet-washing’ equivalent that we find ourselves faced with?

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6. The Friend

 John 16:1-15

Kay Cathcart - 9 Feb 2020

This is last sermon in the Follow Me series. Leadership in the Kingdom of God is leadership that is empowered by the Holy Spirit. Jesus said that it was better that he went so that we could receive the Holy Spirit – and we have! What difference will it make to Edinburgh, to our communities, to our workplaces, to our families and friend groups when we live and lead as those empowered by the Spirit.

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