As followers of Jesus, we get to live as those who are empowered by the Holy Spirit! But, sometimes, the ‘gifts of the Spirit’ can be hard to figure out, we don’t always understand them, we’ve had different experiences of them and that can mean we’re a bit unsure. We can’t look at all the gifts but we can explore some, throughout this series we want to explore five different gifts that we see in the Bible and our aim is that we would have a greater grasp of how these gifts apply to our lives and how they find their outworking in the church for the blessing of our city. Each week, we will be specifically praying for each gifting, that as a church family we will receive and walk more fully into these different gifts which are open to all who believe. We will also use Rooted and potentially some community resources to help our church family be equipped and engage with these gifts.

1. Filled with the Spirit

 Acts 1:1-8

Andy Harding - 23 Feb 2020

The coming of the Holy Spirit and the birth of the church means total transformation for this world that we live in. It also means total transformation for us. What does it mean to receive the gift of the Holy Spirit, how does that change the way we live? How does that change how we do church? How does that transform our communities?

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2. Prophecy

 1 Corinthians 14:1-4

Naomi Black - 1 Mar 2020

What is the purpose of the gift of prophecy in the church and who can prophesy? In this passage, Paul is imploring us to eagerly desire this gift, he makes clear its purpose (strengthen, encourage and comfort) and that it builds up the church. When we speak out God’s words of life to each other and over our city we are participating in God’s building plan for his church – which is the hope of the world! The result of this kind of culture is that God is revealed, that’s what we want our church to be an expression of.

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3. Healing

 Acts 3:1-10

Odele Harding - 8 Mar 2020

When Peter and John encounter this man they are incredibly bold with how they interact with him! They know what they have through the power of the Spirit and they are unafraid to step out in faith. God still heals today, sometimes our understanding of that has been influenced by hard situations, by stepping out and not seeing the results we desire, but the fact remains that we still believe God heals today. How can we live like Peter and John, with a greater assurance of what we have because of Jesus and through the Holy Spirit?

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