Easter 2020

1. Easter Sunday

 Matthew 28:1-10

Andy Harding - 12 Apr 2020

Jesus did exactly what he always said he would do. His resurrection shouldn’t have been a surprise to the disciples, he’d told them about it after all! In the first flush of their grief they were scared and unbelieving but their doubting couldn’t stop him, they fear couldn’t stop him, Jesus rose from the dead, fully victorious, fully alive! Today we celebrate that Jesus is alive, we celebrate everything that his resurrection has won for us and continues to win for us. When we accept that Jesus is who he says he is we get to live fully in the light of his resurrection, fully in hope (even when we feel hopeless), fully in joy (even in sorrow), fully in victory (even when we fail). Today we celebrate Jesus, everything he is, everything he’s done.

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