Filled with the Spirit

My journey with Holy Spirit in prophecy (a word that I am still trying to believe is what I am doing) started at Momentum in the summer 2010. There was a collective call for people to come forward to pray for others and I felt that this was something that was for me to do. I trusted that feeling and went forward and started praying for others. Holy Spirit filled me in a way that I didn’t think possible, I had a real physical response to Holy Spirit with my whole body shaking for about 15-20 mins and lots of crying (this still happens to me)!

At momentum I was immature in responding to this filling of Holy Spirit and being in tune with what he was saying. I was just absorbed in the moment. Over time I’ve learnt and continue to learn (through lots of missteps) about trying to discern what God is trying to say through me and Holy Spirit. This is a skill that I have to practice, a muscle I have to train: lots of repetition and a lot of errors.

So what happens to me now, what do I hear/see/feel?

First, I have to be in a place to be open to Holy Spirit trying to talk to me – this, for me, happens as I worship (at home, work, Sunday’s).

After getting to that place I’ve learned to be alert to the ways that Holy Spirit tries to get my attention, often I get clammy hands, and either a word (literally a single word) or a picture, it’s usually something quite small.

My process is then to lean into that, praying for more to be revealed, and more of the spirit, staying in that place of openness for as long as I can muster. From there hopefully I get more words, more of the picture, and/or scripture verses.

This tends to result in one of two feelings – ease or unease.

If I feel unease – it’s either two things – one: perhaps God wants to tell me more and that I should lean in, or two; that where I was going isn’t from God and I can just let it go.

If I feel at ease, which often feels like a sense of peace, I will either get a sense to share with the church family or to pray something very specific for the church family (and recently this has sometimes resulted in me praying quietly in tongues – very weird when that starts – lean in Dave, lean in!).

Then comes the scary part – the sharing – this can be awkward – particularly if I’m in the middle of a row, and also from experience it can be hard to articulate what it is that I’m feeling God wants to share through me. The hosts are wonderful and gentle – there is no awkwardness with them – and they help discern and weigh what I’m sensing.

At the end of this – I usually end up crying with joy and thanks – a physical manifestation of being open and in tune with Holy Spirit. Here I pray thanks to Holy Spirit, Jesus and the Father, and hope that what has been shared is from them and that who it is for hears it.

The past few weeks have been personally very strengthening of my faith as I’ve witnessed what God has shared through me impacting those in Church. I’ve then had the pleasure and joy of being able to pray with some of those impacted (again with me proudly crying).

So to conclude, I want to share that:

This has been my journey, learning to be in tune with Holy Spirit – it can be a very strange but always joyous experience to start – but with time and practice it becomes less strange and more joyous.
Your journey, whether you’re just starting or been doing this for years will be different, and I want to encourage you to keep practicing and honing those muscles.
Be brave and trust that conviction to share. God is not going to give you something to embarrass you, he only gives good things.
I don’t always get it right, above is only the good stuff, but I’m learning and practicing.
Lastly, it’s very rewarding. I’m not sure that I’ve found as much joy in the body of church than being able to pray for, comfort, strengthen and encourage others in our family.
I hope that, whoever reads this, is strengthened, comforted and encouraged. Be bold, be brave, for the Lord our God is with you.