Bible Reading Resources

Following our gathering on 3 March 2019 where we asked ‘what is the bible?’ and ‘why does it matter?’, here are Hannah’s top eight recommendations for resources that might help you love God’s book. Remember that we all read and interact with scripture in different ways because we’re all… um… different! And that’s good. So whether you’re looking for ideas for how to just read, or how to study, or coming with questions about particular subjects in scripture, we hope this list will provide a bit of inspiration.

1. Rooted app – Cairn

If you’ve been around Central for a while, you’ll know we have this app that is basically a tool to help us share a common rhythm of scripture reading, prayer and reflection. It’s totally free, and has a short reflection on a passage of scripture from a local church leader or writer everyday. Worth the download. Available on the App Store

2. ‘Why trust the Bible?’ – Amy Orr Ewing.

A solid and intellectually credible defence of scripture that answers some of the hardest questions we might face about the bible, how it was written, and why it can be trusted.

3. ‘The Bible Jesus read’ – Philip Yancey

Poetic, beautiful writing from Yancey about the Old Testament, exploring the scriptures that Jesus would have been familiar with.

4. ‘Tom Wright for Everyone Series’ – Tom Wright

Wright is basically the biblical genius of our time (my opinion, but please taste and see!) He’s written an entire set of small and very digestable commentaries on the whole of the New Testament. They’re great for reading daily as it’s a short passage of scripture with some easy to read comments. You could work you way through a book with a friend or in your community.

5. Simply Christian – Tom Wright

Actually this book is good for the whole of our foundations teaching series and not just the week we’ve just had on scripture. Bit more of a meat and three veg kind of book than an easy bowl of pasta but if you’re wanting to dig a bit deeper and think about faith for a lifetime, this is your book.

6. Bible Society website

These guys have a lot of really good material on their website and it’s all free! They’re currently running a podcast series exploring some of the texts in the bible that contain violence against Women – aptly named ‘she too’. Head to

7. Bible Project website

This website is absolutely brilliant. It’s basically all videos, and they explore everything you might want to ask about the bible. You could definitely use these in communities or ask a couple of friends round and use them as a starter for discussion! Click here for the website.

8. ‘Storylines’ – Mike Pilavachi and Andy Croft

This book is a solid overview of some of the main plotlines in scripture, giving you a robust birds eye view of what’s really going on. With all the humour you’d expect from the Soul Survivor team. If you’re struggling to get a grip of the big picture, this is the book for you.