All In – Rebuild the Walls

Unless the Lord builds the city, they that build it labour in vain. This is the motto of our city. We believe God has given us a vision, an invitation to come further up and further in to his heart for our city, to join in the work of rebuilding.
We believe that hope will only be restored in our city through the power and provision of God alone. We believe that we are his people, the hands and feet of Jesus on this earth and so as his church, we join together, with open homes, open hearts, open hands, every one of us, to rebuild the walls.

1. Rebuild the Walls - Vision

 Nehemiah 2:11-18

Andy Harding - 10 Jan 2021

Our vision for rebuilding the walls requires us to see the reality of the pain in our city just like Nehemiah did, scaling the ruined walls by night. Also like Nehemiah we hold in our heart the dream we feel God has given us (v12) and after, we gather the people, the church and say, let’s do this together. Let’s begin this year with a commitment to God, a commitment to one another and a commitment to our city to see God’s Kingdom come.

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2. Rebuild the Walls - Community

 Acts 2:42-47

Steve McLeister - 17 Jan 2021

Our vision for community is clear – to be places of radical welcome, of openness, of generosity. However, we know we only get there through a transformation of our own hearts. This vision that we have is one that stems right from the birth of the church and it’s a corporate journey we take together but it’s also something that each of us is invited to play a part in. Let’s reset and revive our vision for communities as we begin the year.

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3. Rebuild the Walls - Generosity

 2 Corinthians 9:6-11

Crystal Cryer - 24 Jan 2021

God loves a cheerful giver! What a radical rethink of giving for us. The word better translates as ‘hilarious’, imagine if that was our vision for generosity as individuals, as families, to give joyfully and with freedom whether we have a little or a lot. Let’s take this opportunity to reassess our giving and to commit to being cheerful, hilarious, joyful givers.

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4. Rebuild the Walls - All In

 Isaiah 61:1-4

Eddie Backler - 31 Jan 2021

When we look to this rousing prophecy in Isaiah 61 we see that its truth is not diminished by time and its revelation still stirs in our hearts. It speaks to our desire to rebuild the walls, our desire to love Edinburgh, to be family, but mostly it pulls us back to Jesus again because it is all about him. This prophecy from Isaiah is also found in Luke 4 and it’s how Jesus begins his ministry. He is the fulfillment, he is the finisher, he equips and enables us to join him in this mission. So let these words be our fuel, let our eyes be fixed on Jesus and let us commit together to another year of membership, believing that the hope for our city is Jesus.

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