Daily rhythms of being with God, together.

What is Rooted?

Our unconscious lives sustain habits that shape us for good and bad. We make a cup of tea in the morning. We check social media when we get into bed at night. But what if God got involved in our rhythms, and shaped them for the better? And not just ours, but our friends’? What would it look like if communities all across Scotland and beyond were committed to shared rhythms of word, worship and prayer?

Rooted is a daily rhythm of word, worship and prayer that we commit to as a church family. Each morning we read a passage from the bible. At noon we stop to say the Lord’s Prayer, and in the evening we take a moment to reflect on what God has been saying to us.

For more details on how to sign up or download the app, visit the Rooted website.

Visit the Rooted website