Daily rhythms of being with God, together.

Our unconscious lives sustain habits that shape us for good and bad. We make a cup of tea in the morning. We check social media when we get into bed at night. But what if God got involved in our rhythms, and shaped them for the better? And not just ours, but our friends’? What would it look like if communities all across Scotland and beyond were committed to shared rhythms of word, worship and prayer? We think it would look pretty radical. And Jesus would be there.

Rooted is an invitation to develop a rhythm of being with God, together.

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What is Rooted?

Rooted is a daily devotional rhythm that we do together as a church family, helping and guiding us in our journey with God. A mixture of word, worship, reflection and prayer, Rooted helps us to live a life in rhythm with God. Every Monday we also release a Podcast with stories from our church family as we reflect and respond to the readings.


What are the rhythms?

Morning – Greet the day God made. Possibly works best with a cup of tea. You’ll receive daily reading into your inbox. What is God saying and what are you going to do about it today?

Midday – Prepare to be interrupted. At 12pm each day we stop wherever we are, and whatever we’re doing, to say the Lord’s prayer.

Evening – Stop to think. Switch the TV off and ask God a few things. What do I have to be thankful for today? Where did I experience God today? How could I have responded differently to the day?

Weekly – Look out in your app or emails for other resources, such as podcasts, reflections or community questions! We hope these help you think deeply about where you can encounter and love God in your everyday. We also hope they’ll help you actually read the Bible – how to unpack it for yourself, to dig deeper with the verses you read in the week.

Rooted Families

We are also sending out Rooted Families – a fantastic resource to help you engage in a devotional rhythm with your family. There will also be a podcast with devotional activities and tools for all ages to spend time together with God, engaged in prayer and worship.