Life in Abundance

Questions for Communities

Week one

This week Karl talked from Ephesians 1.5 about how when we become a Christian, we become adopted into the family of God. This is our defining identity. But we also know that the different ‘names’ and ‘labels’ we carry around with us from life experience continue to helpfully or unhelpfully shape us. What names do you carry and why? What does God have to say about those names? What does God call you? How does Romans 8.15 or 1 John 1.3 change your perspective on this?


Week two

This week Les and Karl talked from Ephesians 2.1-10 esp.v.10 considering how our ‘will’ is surrendered to God as we live in faith. The life that Jesus gives us is one of infinite possibility – God has plans for us. What does this mean? How do we discover his ‘will’? How do we know what God wants for us? How do we ‘live’ in it?


Week three

Week 3 saw Karl framing the narrative of our age – how the enemy sows consumerism, secularism, progressivism, individualism, hedonism and cynicism into our cultural soil so they become normal for us.  The enemy does this to distract, deflate and defeat us. We attempt to fight for our life on the level of behaviour but God would have us look at it a little differently. So what is the ‘ism’ stopping the life of God in you? And if the Father has sown into our culture the kingdom of God, and if the kingdom and his love is stronger than anything else – how could focusing on what the FATHER has sown change you? What exactly has he sown in the potting soil of your life? How could you live from those things this week?

Week four

This week saw Hannah Montgomery explore how a life lived with Jesus is inevitably one of constant change. Change is here to stay! If we’re genuinely following Jesus we can expect to see change happen in us, as God works out his transformation from the inside out. God often works in such  way that the change he wants to do through us he’ll first do in us. Hannah used the analogy of God being like a home-maker, making his home in our hearts (Ephesians 3.14-22). What do you see God changing and making ‘home’ in you? What is he rebuilding, clearing, painting, renovating in your life? How might you be more respondent to this work?