How to Pray

Resources for the teaching series

This summer we are teaching on Prayer, and to help us all engage with this, we are suggesting a prayer practice to do together each week as a church. You’ll find below links to weekly resources from 24/7 Prayer which will explain each practice. We encourage you to take some time each week to pray in these ways either by yourself or in community; whether you’ve done it plenty of times before or whether it’s completely new to you.

We’d also love to encourage you to read Pete Greig’s book How to Pray: A Simple Guide for Normal People, which you can buy here.

Week One

Breath Prayer

‘The best way to start praying is actually to stop praying. To pause. To be still”

– Pete Greig

A breath prayer is a short simple sentence that can be said in one breath, and prayed throughout the day. This prayer tool will help you discover and use breath prayer.

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Week 2

Playful Prayer

“Play is one of the most characteristic expressions of the freedom of the spirit.”

– Paul Tillich

Prayer isn’t just for the serious requests and the heavy stuff. Like any other relationship, there is a time for laughter, and one of the fruits of the Holy Spirit is joy.

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Week 3

Promises of God

“For no matter how many promises God has made, they are ‘Yes’ in Christ.”

– 2 Cor 1:20

Praying God’s promises over our lives and situations is a powerful thing to do. This prayer tool will help you to pray God’s promises in your life.

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Week 4

Circle Prayer

“The Holy Spirit must have a body to pray and intercede through.”

– Rees Howells

The circle prayer is a simple activity to equip intercessory prayer. This prayer tool will show you how to do circle prayer.

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Week 5


“Evening and morning and at noon I utter my complaint and moan”

– Psalm 55:17

Lamenting is prominent in the Bible. This prayer tool will show the significance of using lament scriptures in our own lives.

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Week 6


‘Sit in the companionship of God— the one who shows up and can be seen.

– Dallas Willard

Journaling is the simple practice of writing down thoughts and prayers. This prayer tool will help you hear God’s voice as you journal.

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Week 7

The Jesus Prayer

‘‘God, have mercy on me, a sinner.”

– Luke 18:13

The Jesus prayer is one of the oldest prayers of the church. This prayer tool will help you begin to pray it in your daily life.

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Week 8

Prayer Walking

‘‘I am giving you every square inch of the land you set your foot on.”

– Joshua 1:3

Prayer walking is stepping out and praying for your community as you walk. This prayer tool will help you to get started.

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