Stuart Cathcart

Standing for election

What are your most obvious gifts?

I think my most obvious gifts are encouraging others, leadership (sometimes reluctantly) and wisdom (at work I’m told I bring a calm and reasoned voice to meetings, but my kids have never said that)

In what ways are you using these gifts to ‘minister’?

I try to be consistent in each area of life and so the first place I use these gifts is at work to bring a positive kingdom influence there. I’m also using these gifts in my Missional Community. I also lead a huddle and I mentor a few individuals. I volunteer to help in whatever way I can at CAP’s CAPpuccino events. And I serve on the prayer ministry team.

What part of the vision and values at Central excite you the most?

The fact that our vision is all 3 parts – Loving Edinburgh, being family and following Jesus. There is so much we could do as a church but I believe our calling as Church is to pursue the up, the in and the out, everything else will come out of those.

What do you see as the biggest challenge facing Central in the next 3 years?

Maintaining all 3 aspects of our vision. I see a constant temptation for us as a church to ease off on the Missional aspect of Loving Edinburgh. Being missional involves doing things that can be hard and take us out of our comfort zone. It is easy to look at a healthy sized congregation, great music, kids work, student work and think we’re okay – so the impetus to be missional lessens. That’s our biggest challenge, for us all to be fully engaged in the mission of the church.

Why do you think eldership might be for you?

I have served as an elder previously and didn’t stand again for re-election a year and a half ago as I needed a break. A number of family and close friends were facing ill health such as, surgery, terminal cancer and mental health issues. I needed time to support and care for them and grieve. Now that season is passed I feel ready to serve again. I think God is again giving me the vision and passion to serve in this way, to wrestle with the difficult decisions and  seek to discern God’s leading together. I find my mind turning to the challenges facing the church and what we can do and feeling that I have a contribution to bring to that discussion and discernment. I also feel I have learned some lessons from my first stint as an elder and am aware of what I would do differently this time round.