Elder elections

Learn more about those standing to be an Elder

At Central we elect elders – members of our church family who are responsible for discerning the vision that God has given us through prayer, conversation and listening to God together. The elders are the trustees of the church and have specific and regulated responsibilities in that regard especially around our finances.

On Sunday 2 February at our Church Meeting we will be electing elders. Following a period of nominations and discernment, we have three candidates standing for election and three elders standing for re-election. The Elders have decided to make six places available, which will bring the total eldership to nine, which is our constitutional maximum.

We will be voting at the Church Meeting to affirm the recommendation from the Elders and Nominations Committee (comprising Hannah Montgomery (church member) Andy Harding (Executive Pastor) and Gareth Clegg (Elder)) that all six candidates standing are suitable for Eldership for a 3-year term.

Standing for Election

Stuart Cathcart

Proposer: Eddie Backler
Seconder: Kenny Roy

“Stuart is a leader worth following.  He is secure in his identity as a child of God and is eager in his continual pursuit of developing that relationship. His roles of husband and dad flow from this foundation and here too he is a example to all who know him. Stuart is authentic, winsome and wise and his leadership influence flows from attributes such as these; from who he and who he is continually becoming.

Having previously been part of the eldership team Stuart has already had significant input in the leadership and direction of Central and being able to benefit from his experience and expertise again would be extremely valuable to the team.”

Stuart's bio


Crystal Cryer

Proposer: Zak Robb
Seconder: Ciara Menzies

“We have known Crystal for a number of years, since not long after she first moved to Scotland. We’ve served alongside her as she promote prayer in churches and setup prayer spaces in schools around Aberdeen. It doesn’t surprise us at all that she has taken on the role of 24/7 Prayer Scotland Leader, as it is absolutely in her DNA to help churches discover the value and centrality of prayer. We nominated her for eldership as we believe her leadership and spiritual maturity has already been an incredible blessing to us as a church, in her leadership of the Six Community, preaching on Sundays, serving on prayer ministry and most of all the way she models a lifestyle of prayer, mission and justice in her own life and devotions.

She is also incredibly humble, servant hearted, and a lovely person! We are certain she will bring further strength to our eldership in this season and be an important voice as we discern what God is calling us to next as a church.”

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Wes Jamison

Proposer: Kathryn Poolman
Seconder: Kin Cheng

“Wes has been a very firm believer in God since childhood. He is a man of honesty and integrity, his daily life testifies to his trust in God for salvation. He is faithful in private prayer, reading of the bible and study. He waits on God for direction (e.g. re. agreeing to this nomination). He does not seek self-aggrandisement. He alone, and with his wife Joan, have ministered to people in the All Nations community as well as many outwith the church. The variety of experience, living many years abroad, equip him with an international outlook.

He is used to bearing responsibility within church, secular and family life, walking with God, in leadership roles. Wes was an elder for 13 years in a previous church and thoroughly understands the grave responsibility and requirements of an elder. Equally, Wes is very accustomed to team work, co-operating with and listening to others, of all ages, in matters of faith and work.

In our opinion he would bring new perspectives, energy and breadth to the eldership; – and we believe he respects and is sensitive to the history and vision of our church. He has a gift for questioning, taking a fresh approach to subjects, not settling for comfortable old ideas. He looks to see where God is leading.

Wes would be an asset to the eldership team.”

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Standing for re-election

Sarah Johnson

Proposer: Pam Lyall
Seconder: Sue MacFarlane

“Serving as an elder at Central Church over the past three years has been an enormous privilege. When I felt God’s call to eldership 3 1/2 years ago I had very little idea what would be in store but knew that I loved our church family and felt I should step out in faith. While this season has not been without its challenges, it has also been an enormous joy to serve the church in this way and I would love to continue to do this for the next eldership term. I know that God has great things ahead for our church and I am excited to see how we can grow together and bless our city.

I feel that there is something unique about Central Church and I am sure that as we prayerfully consider this year who will be leading us during the next stage of our journey, we can continue to grow in our ability to bless others and grow as disciples in both the scattered church and gathered church.”


Steve McLeister

Proposer: Craig Watkins
Seconder: Tricia Roy

“I love Central and the call that God has given us to see His kingdom expand in this city and beyond.  I think we have responded to this call as individuals, as Communities and as a Church and I for one have been challenged and encouraged to grow in my faith while being part of this journey.  I want to continue to be part of seeing us fulfil this calling: I believe God has much more for us to experience and to learn. I feel God is continuing to call me to serve as an elder at this time to help steer Central through this time of transition.  Having journeyed on the elder team over the last 6 years I want to use my knowledge, experience and discernment gained in this role and as a community leader, to see us through to the next chapter.  I want to see a full Senior Team in place who will serve the Church well so that we can fulfil our calling to this City and beyond.”


Glenda Wintour

Proposer: Heather Maciver
Seconder: Carolyn Costley

“I’m Glenda. I’m married to Iain and we live in Corstorphine with our two boys Finlay and Joe. We love being part of the gathered Central family and also being part of the Central vision of building communities all over our city.

I continue to feel God’s calling on my heart to serve as an elder, to use the gifts and skills that God has given me in eldership and to remain part of the team that seeks to discern how best to see hearts stirred and lead more adults and children into a life of love and meaning through discipleship, building community and gathering together.

Through this period of change, I am keen to continue to listen to where God is leading us and, together with the other elders, discern direction for our church family and my desire is to continue to provide support to the church in the ways God leads me to.

I am filled with excited anticipation for what our next season will bring us into as a church family – we can be excited!”