Crystal Cryer

Standing for election

Most obvious gifts: pastoral, hospitality, teaching, discipleship, creativity, bring a balanced perspective, encouragement and exhortation, peacemaking, reflective   ( if it helps, I’m a MyersBriggs INFP / Enneagram 9 )

Use gifts: 
• lead Central community Six
• oversee 24-7 Prayer Scotland and lead the team ; teach and speak
• mentor others
• provide support and training to churches \ communities in creating a culture of prayer
• part of the Order of the Mustard Seed leadership team ; provide support to 24-7 Prayer Churches and communities and House of Prayer communities as part of the 24-7 Prayer GB, Ireland & Europe Communities Leadership Team.

Central’s vision and values – what most excites me:  
• In the vision statement of Loving Edinburgh, Being Family and Following Jesus, the bit that excites me most is the following Jesus bit. Because I believe that everything begins there. He is the vision, if we are truly following Jesus then we will be family because Jesus invites us into community and unity is close to his heart. If we are truly following Jesus then we will love Edinburgh because Jesus likes to hang out with people where they live, work and play and we will follow him there.
• Communities excite me. This place where people are permissioned, released and empowered to love the people they feel called to and implement the visions and dreams in their hearts along with like-hearted friends has the potential to be highly effective and far-reaching.
• The value for prayer and worship – God promises to move in power and in healing in our land when we give ourselves to seeking his face.
• The value of raising up and releasing young leaders – this excites me because it can be messy and so many churches back away from it yet discipleship is part of our great commission from Jesus and it’s one the main ways we will see his kingdom advance and extend out.
• And Central’s willingness to be a blessing to other churches and ministries in the city and nation and the growing willingness to be a blessing in other nations as well – Jesus promises blessing where there is generosity and unity.

Central’s biggest challenges in next 3 years: 
• Remaining focused and confident and moving while waiting on God for his best plan around a new pastor.
• Nurturing spiritual hunger and overcoming apathy and busyness
• Growing in courageous generosity and outward focus in the midst of recent changes and the waiting
• Ensuring a good support network for staff and all leaders in the church and provision of relevant, in-depth teaching and training
• Ensuring people across the congregation are being supported well and are able to find family

Why eldership may be for me:

This came out of the blue, was not expecting it yet feel God nudging me towards it – this is how he typically works with me.
I think I may bring something different to the eldership team because of: my life being spent in missions and the big picture that shaped in me; my work with 24-7 Prayer exposes and introduces me to many different streams and expressions of church and community and ways of engaging in mission as a church community; my role with 24-7 Prayer here in Scotland connects me with many churches and ministries across Scotland from whom we can learn and be blessed by ; I have had 4 years as just part of the congregation here at Central and have met and talked with many across the church of differing ages, roles and perspectives and feel I have a general sense of where the church is at.