Training Hub

Investing in your calling, leadership and faith

What is Training Hub?

Training Hub is a 10-month discipleship programme encompassing theological teaching, leadership development, practical training & spiritual growth. It’s a place for training and equipping everyday disciples to serve God in every area of life and culture.

Training Hub is run in partnership with the Baptist Union of Scotland, and is open to anyone who is wanting to grow in the areas above. This is also the training programme our interns will taking part in. The course will run from September 2021 – June 2022.


What will I learn?

  • Missional Discipleship – Disciples as apprentices. / Missions role in discipleship.
  • Scripture in the lives of disciples. – Why the Bible matters and how do we engage with it?
  • Emotionally Healthy Spirituality. – Why our emotional health is linked to spiritual maturity.
  • Holy Spirit in the life of disciples. – Who is He? What does He do? How do we grow in Him?
  • Prayer – What does prayer look like in the life of a disciple?
  • Pioneering – Church Planting / Innovating / Church for the rising generations.
  • Leadership – Why does leadership matter? What is distinct about Christian Leadership
  • Breaking Bonds – Finding freedom from the things that can hinder our walk with Jesus.
  • Living Series – A series of Wednesday training nights that will look at practices and disciplines helping us live in the way of Jesus. (eg Money, Forgiveness, Disappointment, Sabbath and Celebration.)
  • Culture – What is culture? How do we engage well with it as Christians?
  • Apologetics – What is apologetics? How do I bring God’s truth relevantly to people and society?


How does it work?

  • Regular Conferences, either online or in-person
  • Ten monthly gatherings where we will receive input and challenge from a range of experienced trainers
  • Accountability groups
  • Personal involvement in regular rhythms of word, worship and prayer.


Other details

Course fees are £800

Applications are now open


Find out more and Apply here More about Internships