The Marriage Course

A course to help couples invest in their relationship and build a strong marriage.

The Marriage Course Online – Starts online 17 February 8pm

Many of us have spent more time together than ever before in this last year of lockdowns and the global pandemic, but have found that the amount of quality time we spend together has decreased. The stresses of home-working, juggling childcare and limited access to support from family will have undoubtedly put pressure on all of us!

How it will work

The course runs online from the comfort of your own home – where you can create your own date night. We strongly encourage you to put the 7 weekly, regular dates in your calendar; plan, protect and prioritise them so you have a special night of the week to look forward to!

  • We will ‘meet’ you for 10 minutes on zoom to welcome, introduce the evening and point you to the digital content.
  • Each session lasts for approx. 1 hour 55 minutes, half of which will be for your conversations.
  • Don’t forget the candles, nice meal, drinks, favourite playlist, older kids in another room and the younger ones in bed. Try to make it feel as special as possible! We’ll send out a recipe suggestion for a lovely meal, or perhaps an excuse for a treat take-away?
  • When you’re ready, you’ll press play and enjoy some of the richest conversations of your relationship.


What’s next?

The course is free, but we highly recommend purchasing journals so you can follow along and make notes. You will need one each. Please allow a few days between registration and delivery! You can do that by clicking here.
A link to a PDF will also be sent as a back-up.

Once you have registered, we will send you the necessary links and codes.

We’ll also have a few couples who stick around on the zoom call each week incase you would appreciate prayer, a conversation or further advice.

We won’t have any group discussions during this time, this is for you and your partner to invest in your relationship together.

Register to attend Purchase the journal