Lifecare Course

Next course begins November 2017


The Lifecare Course consists of two, 15-hour trainings which are for anyone who wants to:

  • develop better listening skills
  • learn how to help others in personal/work/ministry life more effectively
  • learn how to address thoughts, feelings, behaviours, and relational difficulties


As a course participant, you have the opportunity to learn these specialised skills, then practice them with other participants in three-person triad groups where you take turns as Lifecarer, Client, and Observer. These will help you apply the new skills you’ve learned in a real-life setting, and develop a deeper walk with Jesus as you work through real issues in your life.

What does it involve?

Some graduates of the course continue in their regular ministry/sphere of influence and use their new Lifecare skills informally with people in their lives and ministry areas. In this case then you only need to sign up for the first two sessions of Lifecare training – a total of 15 hours

The first 2 sessions of training will cover:

  • limits of confidentiality
  • relational skills for Carers
  • understanding the cycle of change
  • helping people build motivation to change
  • creating positive resources for spiritual, emotional and physical health
  • helping people with overwhelming emotions
  • steps for addressing relational issues – forgiveness, amends and reconciliation
  • de-escalating conflict
  • grace, guilt and shame
  • when to refer


Others who go through the Lifecare course may feel called to serve missionally in a more formal, volunteer pastoral role on Central’s Lifecare ministry team. This team is supervised under the Care ministry. (Lifecarers on Central’s Lifecare ministry team must be willing to meet with 1 client per week and attend a supervision and ongoing training meeting once every two weeks). If you think you might be called to serve as a part of Central’s Lifecare ministry team, then you’ll need to attend all four sessions of Lifecare Training – a total of 30 hours.

The second 2 sessions of training will include:

  • relating the past to the present
  • skills for helping people change thoughts and beliefs
  • working with unhelpful emotions
  • communication skills for sensitive situations

Course Dates

The next course will be running over the following dates:

17-18 November

1-2 December

15 – 16 December

(Fridays – 7-9.30 pm, Saturdays – 10-4pm)

Get in touch to sign up.

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