Lifecare Course

The Lifecare Course is for anyone who wants to develop their listening skills and gain new tools to help them listen well and care for and disciple others.

What will I learn?

We cover topics such as:

  • the importance of confidentiality
  • relational skills for Carers
  • helping people build motivation to change
  • creating positive resources for spiritual, emotional and physical health
  • helping people with overwhelming or unhelpful emotions
  • steps for addressing relational issues – forgiveness, amends and reconciliation
  • de-escalating conflict
  • grace, guilt and shame
  • when and how to refer people to other sources for help
  • relating the past to the present
  • skills for helping people change unhelpful thoughts and beliefs
  • communication skills for sensitive situations


As a course participant, you will have the opportunity to learn these specialised skills, then practice them with other participants in interactive triads where you take turns as Lifecarer, Client, and Observer

What happens after the course?

Graduates of the course can use their new Lifecare skills with people in their lives and ministry areas as they feel led.

Some may be called upon from time to time to meet with individuals in our church family or community who are in need of some 1:1 care and discipleship, though this is completely voluntary.

What commitment is there?

We understand scheduling conflicts are unforeseen at times, but because so much growth and learning takes place in the interactive triad sessions, it is important to be present for all of the sessions.

Course Dates

5-6 June 2020: 10am-6pm both days

19-20 June 2020: 10am-6pm both days

Participants must attend all 4 days, and should not register if they know they will be unable to attend the whole course.

Course fee

£35 per person. Includes all course materials, teas, coffees and snacks.

For more info get in touch with Sol at [email protected]

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