Our latest response

Updated 22 December 2021

After much careful thought, and taking into consideration the advice from our Government, we made the tough decision on 17-Dec-2021 to adjust our Christmas programme to reduce in-person contact as much as possible. The latest information relating to the rapid infection of COVID as it relates to the Omicron variant is still of extremely high concern to those leaders and health professionals we trust.

We’re aware of a number of people within our own Church family currently with COVID. We are also aware of a significant number of those within our church family who have expressed concerns about coming into contact with others as they look ahead to their Christmas plans. We also know of a number of other Churches who have taken a similar decision due to a reduced team and COVID spread.

This therefore meant we made the difficult decision to make all of our gatherings online only for the remainder of our Christmas programme – up to, and including, 2nd January. We also made slight changes to some events and timings – please see here –

We find ourselves still in an unprecedented situation which we’re all in together. It evokes an array of feelings and responses in challenging circumstances. Let’s continue to look out for one another, those in our Communities, and support one another as we journey this together.

We understand for some of you this is disappointing news to hear but our priority here is the safety of our church family and those around us, whilst also protecting the opportunity for those to see loved ones this Christmas as planned.

Our Friday Soul Food meal is going to be Grab & Go and we’ve decided for now to keep our Cafe open on 20-Dec and reopening on the 3rd-Jan-2022 as we continue to provide an important space for those most isolated and vulnerable in our city. We have updated our procedures and safety measures in concordance with advice to ensure these are safe to continue operating at this time.

It is our hope and intention to go back to our usual sunday rhythms with an option to book to come in-person on January 9th for our 9:15, 10:30 and 7pm gatherings. We’re planning increased measures of protection to ensure it is safe and in-line with government guidance. We will update this page and our weekly email (subscribe here) with any more information of changes to this following the Christmas period.

Carols 24-Dec 8pm (online) Christmas Day 10:30am (zoom) All In gathering 2-Jan 10:30am (zoom) Gatherings on 9-Jan (Online) Gatherings on 9-Jan (Book a place)