In a society that breeds insecurity, we want young people to know a deep-rooted security in Jesus, built upon God’s love for them.  As they discover how much He values them, they’ll have the confidence to take risks, dare to dream and make huge leaps of faith.  This exciting and scary adventure isn’t to be done alone – This is the body of Christ, living it out together!

Each week we grow in our faith together – we eat, worship and hang out.


S1-S3 meet during the 10.30am Gathering for relevant and challenging Bible teaching (S1-S3)


Our programme alternates weekly between Older Youth Dinner (7:30-9:15pm) and Discipleship Groups (7-9pm).

Older Youth Dinner (S4-S6) is a chance to eat together, pray for each other and study the bible. 

Discipleship Groups (S1-S6) meet in two separate groups, one for the girls and one for the guys. Each group meets in someones home and together we eat lots of snacks, look into the bible and hang out as family. 


Every Friday we have our Youth Night, 7-9pm at Central Hall. We hang out and play games together, have times of worship and prayer, and chat about relevant topics and issues and what the bible has to say about it.

It’s loads of fun and we’d love to have you come along.

What’s going on

We have loads of other events going on too. You can see them all in our Kids & Youth year card. Download it below!

2018/2019 Year Card Get in touch