Just Christmas

Last year, many of our loved Christmas traditions were taken away.

Some of these traditions we long for this year, other traditions and trimmings seem less necessary now.

So this year, we have a choice.

Will we allow last year to be a reset for us? A chance to consider what is really important? Will we set new traditions this Christmas? Traditions which reflect more of what it means to be a follower of Jesus?

Just Christmas is an invitation to do Christmas differently.

To give time that would normally be lost to the rush of Christmas festivities. To give money away that we would normally unnecessarily spend.

As a church this year we want to consider what it might look like to share the love of Jesus in 2 simple practical ways…

The 20k Giveaway

We want to give £20,000 to Shared Hope, a charity working directly with those in extreme poverty accross developing nations.

Click below to donate or text JC2021 to 70191 to donate £10

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Just Joggers

We want to collect 2000 pairs of new jogging bottoms for our Clothesbank+

We will distribute these to those who are in need of comfortable warm clothing this winter.

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About Just Christmas

Since 2009, we’ve raised over £300k for projects both locally and internationally.

Just Christmas is an invitation to do Christmas differently.

A chance to give generously in recognition of the gift of life we have been given through Jesus.

Shared Hope Clothesbank+