All In at Central

How to become a Member of Central

As disciples of Jesus, we want to be living out together our vision of loving our city, being family together and following Jesus. We all have God-given gifts, talents and resources to contribute, and our desire is for our church to be a family who collectively own and participate in the vision and values of our church. Membership is asking what you can give to serve the vision of the church, it’s asking how can you be ‘All In’ to what God is calling this church into in this season.

As a Baptist Church we ask that individuals who see Central as their church family would become members. Members attend quarterly members meetings and vote on key decisions such as our annual budget. On an annual basis we want newcomers to consider being a member, and existing members to reconsider the blessing and the sacrifice that comes with being a member at Central.

We’ve written down more about our values and expectations of our Members and Leaders. Click below to read it.

In January 2021 we shall be teaching into this further, and will be offering the opportunity to commit or re-commit to All In Membership on Sunday 31 January.

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Become a Member of Central

As a member of this church family, I commit to:

Loving Edinburgh

I will pray, dream and live for others to encounter Jesus and see God’s kingdom flourish in this city

Being Family

I will generously and sacrificially share my life, talents and resources with others in smaller communities and as a wider church family

Following Jesus

I will pursue a relationship with Jesus and live as his disciple

I will steward everything I have as a gift from God, investing what I can in his Kingdom purposes

I will participate fully in the life of this church being part of one Community, one Gathering and one Team.

    You can withdraw or change the consents given above at any time by contacting us at Central Church, Central Hall, 2 West Tollcross, Edinburgh, EH3 9BP or alternatively by emailing [email protected]

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