A bit about who we are and what we're about


We are a church in the heart of Edinburgh with a vision to love the city, be family together and follow Jesus.

Edinburgh is our home and we want to love and serve the people that live in this city. We believe that God’s love can transform lives and communities, and we want to see that happening in the places that we live.

We are family together – we are different kinds of people from different places who share our lives generously with each other.

We are following Jesus. We call ourselves disciples because the most important thing in our lives is to learn how to do what Jesus said to do.

And we’d love you to come and be part of it.

Loving Edinburgh
Being Family
Following Jesus

3 Year Development Map 2018 – 2021

Recently we created what we’ve called a development map. This highlights in detail how we plan to carry out our vision to be a church that is Loving Edinburgh, Being Family and Following Jesus in each area of our church. Click below to have a read!

Central Development Map