During his time on earth, Jesus said more about money than anything else, so it’s pretty important.

As a family we want to contribute to the things we see God doing around here, using some of the resources He’s invested in us to make it happen.

We are asking particularly for our church to respond in three ways as a church at this time of the Coronavirus crisis.

  1. To embrace the opportunity we have to be the Church and share the message of hope to those in our city who are longing to hear that there is a reason for life.
  2. We want to be able to carry on doing the things we are already doing – running our Sunday gathering, resourcing our Communities, helping the most vulnerable in our city by offering free debt advice (via CAP) and running our Counselling service, and other ministries.
  3. We also want to continue being generous with what God gives us, supporting those in financial hardship across our city.


You can give your money regularly via a Standing Order or as a one-off gift.

Banking Details

Account Name: Central
Account Number: 00551572
Sort Code: 800285

Cheques made payable to ‘Central’

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Gift Aid

If you pay UK tax (Income or Capital Gains Tax) and would like us to be able to claim back Gift Aid just fill out the form below. The benefit is that we can recover the basic rate of income tax, currently 25p for each pound given. (If you pay higher rate tax, you may recover this through your own tax return.)

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